Greedy Girls Parties

On behalf of the staff and everyone involved with our club, Welcome to r3troclub! The Midlands Premier Adult Venue, focusing on greedy girls parties. We’re a Midlands Swinging club where swingers from the Midlands and all the open minded people of the world are welcome to come along and indulge exploring their sexual boundaries. Feel the exhilaration of oozing sensuality at our Swingers parties held weekly in the heart of the country. Indulge in Bukkake Parties, Gangbang Parties, Greedy Girls Parties, Fetish Parties, you name it! Simply put, if you’ve been `thinking` about swinging, you’re waaay more than half way there! Come along and find out more, or email the

The swinging lifestyle is exciting, fun- filled, boundary expanding adult journey which is different for everyone. Hopefully this Midlands Swingers Club will play a big part in your swinging enjoyment! Click here for some swinging tips and experiences.


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